Black Angelfish

Stocking a Black Angelfish in your freshwater aquarium can be a rewarding experience. The long flowing fins, and beautiful color of this Black Angel taken by Sakichin is proof of that!


Often tank bred in the U.S., the shade of this particular Freshwater Angelfish is black with lighter coloration on the fins. A fish in the Genus Pterophyllum, the species originated in South America, and belongs to the Family Cichlidae. Characteristics and living conditions for the Black Angelfish include:

  • Minimum Fish Tank Size: 30 gallons is best.
  • 75-82 degrees F, pH 5.8-7.0, KH 1-5
  • The Freshwater Black Angelfish is semi-aggressive.
  • Grows to 6" as an adult.

Because of the long fins, you'll want to avoid stocking the Black Angelfish with nipping fish, such as Tiger Barbs. The freshwater fish compatibility chart will give you a list of suitable tank mates.

Personally, I have tried keeping two angelfish in my tank, but they both died early. It may be because they were weak, or sick when I bought them. I will definitely try the fish again, as you can see by the picture of the Black Angelfish, they are an attrative fish.

Have you tried raising angelfish? Did you have good luck with them?

Custom Fish Tank – Silverfish Aquarium

custom-fish-tank.jpegWant to get a lot of "wow's!" from friends. Check out this custom fish tank from Octopus Studios. It's called the Silverfish Aquarium, and comes as a kit which will turn into a fully functional fish tank. The kit components include the following:

'The Aquarium Structure

The Aquarium Stand

Filtration & Heating Parts
Eheim Professional2 external filter & filterset media
Undergravel filter plates x3
Hydor external heater
Filter tubing
Inlet strainer
All taps/clips/suckers required for assembly

Lighting Parts
Light controllers x3
Circular fluorescent daylight lamps x3
Lighting covers x3

Aeration Parts
Eheim 400 air pump
Air line
Air stones x3
All taps/clips/suckers required for assembly

Decoration - Highest quality silk plants

Cleaning Equipment - Gravel vacuum, Magnetic surface cleaner, Siphon tubing and taps, Filter tubing brush, Net, and Tongs.'

This custom fish tank has about a 60 gallon capacity, and would make a great tropical freshwater aquarium. It's about 3.3 feet or a metre cubed. The fish tank stand measures 1.1 metres in length, and stands 0.9 of a metre tall. It comes standard in three colors; black, cherry brown, and carbon fibre. They will allow you to choose from over 30 other textures and colors if desired. Truly custom!

Octopus Studios is based on the Cote d’Azur, France, and delivers their custom fish tank kits worldwide. Looks like a fun tank!

Update!  A reader, Alyssa, and myself both emailed the company for a price quote.  Currently the aquarium's cost is 2200 Euros, with a shipping charge of 350 Euros to the States.  That's about $3000 U.S.