Fish Picture Photography – Fabio Ghidini

Anyone visiting my little site here has probably noticed I enjoy the aesthetic value the inhabitants of the fish tank have to offer. I hope my fish picture gallery is enjoyed by you, as much as it is by me.

I recently discovered a site devoted to the art of fish picture photography - Fabio Ghidini Aqua. Pictures of fish, aquatic plants, invertebrates, and aquarium equipment take on a whole new meaning under the lens of this Italian photographer.

Here are pictures of two types of the tetra species taken by Fabio. I added both the Neon Tetra, and Black Neon Tetra to my 37 gallon Eclipse aquarium. You can see why. Their bright stripes and colors make them a popular choice among fish tank enthusiasts. These schooling freshwater fish are best kept in groups.

The black neon tetra enjoys swiming with 4-6 of the same species. They eat fish flakes, and freeze dried blood worms, but like the Neon Tetra, their color will be most vibrant when fed a diet including brine shrimp.


Iridescent blue and red colors make schools of Neon Tetras appear bigger than their 2" frames really are.


I've highlited a couple of fish Mr. Ghidini has shot, but do yourself a favor and check out the rest of his fish picture portfolio. I bet you'll discover some of the beauty that sits in your own fish tank when you aren't looking.