BiOrb Aquarium

biorb-aquarium.jpegI was browsing online and came across the BiOrb Aquarium. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary goldfish bowl. It's far from it though! The BiOrb fish tank actually has a special 5-stage filtration system. If you've ever had goldfish in a bowl, you know how quickly the water can turn nasty and dirty. Ughh.

Changing the cartridges looks simple. There's no need to empty out the water, which saves time. The aquarium bowl is actually ten times stronger than a regular goldfish bowl. But I still don't suggest dropping it!

In the base there's an air pump and filter hidden away. A light in the lid to illuminates your fish, but you have to buy the biOrb heater seperately.

So is it really that good? I read through some of the reviews of the BiOrb Aquarium, and one thing was agreed upon. This fish tank is not good for goldfish. They're just too dirty for it. This would make a great aquarium for smaller fish, such as neon tetras.

It was also suggested that the larger 16 gallon BiOrb aquarium was easier to maintain than the 8 gallon. Personally, I change the water in my betta bowls every two to three weeks, and do a monthly water change in the eclipse aquarium. The betta bowls only have a few gallons of water in them, and stay clean. I'd guess a 16 gallon tank like this wouldn't take any more work than a regular 20 gallon aquarium. It would definitely take up less space.

You can get the full specs on the 16 gallon, and 8 gallon BiOrb Aquarium here, or baby biorb 4 gallon aquarium..