Dual Hanging Fish Tanks


Yes, this fishkeeper has purchased another hanging Betta bowl. I had to have another Crown Tail Betta Splendens. One is just not enough with the beautiful colors their fins present. The Betta bowl was hung next to it's companion fish tank.

What color will the new Siamese Fighting Fish be? Will the fish have a name? Stay tuned to find out! Or click ahead a few pages to find out immediately if you're reading this long after it's been posted.

I've been doing some research on nano reef tanks, and have already decided I'll be obtaining one. Some more research needs to be done before I acquire another fish tank though. The Freshwater Fish Tank needs to get cleaned, and cycled too. For now, I'm enjoying the hanging fish tank and Sam in his small aquarium.

Fish Compatibility Chart | Freshwater

freshwater-fish-compatibility-chart-for-you.JPGWhen you're deciding what type of freshwater fish to begin, or add to your fish tank, a Freshwater Fish Compatibility Chart can be useful.

In the larger Freshwater Fish Compatibility Chart here, you can see you have many options when combining freshwater fish in your tank. Be sure to zoom in on the chart to see a clear view.

By making sure the fish you add to your fish tank are compatible first, you'll avoid future problems. Looking at the full-grown size of the fish helps too. You wouldn't want to add Oscars with Guppies, Danios or Minnows. Usually you'll keep varieties of the same family together as in a Cichlid aquarium. I've always chosen to stock my fish tank with semi-aggressive fish, but if livebearers are your thing... Great!

Using a Compatibility chart for Freshwater Fish to get educated, and understanding which fish you can mix and match in your fish tank, will save you questions at the pet store.

via: Habitattitude and Petco Freshwater Fish Compatibility Chart