Yoyo Loach – Botia almorhae

Fun Fact - The Yoyo Loach gets it's name from the distinctive pattern on the side of its body. If you look at the black stripes against it' s white background, you'll see the letters, Y-O-Y-O.

The Yoyo Loach, also known as a Pakistani Loach, or Botia almorhae, is a freshwater fish that I consider the dogs of the fish family. The reason I look at them as dogs, is that sometimes they'll just lie around. They'll prop themselves up on plant leaves to rest, or lounge right on the bottom of the tank. I've been tricked a few times into thinking they were dead; they'll lie so still. You can often catch them on their sides, or facing straightforward. That's what dogs do. They lie around. Other times though, dogs are very active, and run around in packs, or play with each other. Yoyo loaches do the same thing. This is when they're really fun to watch.

Yoyo Loach - photo credit: statico

Yoyo loaches will chase each other around the tank, and prefer to live in groups. A yo-yo Loach will grow to around 3-5 inches (7 - 13 cm) long, so the minimum tank size you want is about 20 gallons. I've got a 40 gallon aquarium, and currently have three yoyo loaches, and two Angelicus Loaches (Botia kubotai).

Don't be mistaken that these are just bottom dwelling fish. They may like to hide, but if you get the right ones, they'll be swimming all over your tank. Loaches prefer many hiding places, lounging on rocks, and exploring driftwood. They also love to dig and look for food.

I feed my Yoyo loaches fish flakes. They also enjoy algae wafers, sinking fish food pellets, and snails.

It's not really easy to determine the sex of this fish. Males will have some redness around their mouths, and females will be a little fatter all around their bodies.

This is an excellent community fish. I love the Yoyo loach, and recommend this fish to anyone keeping a freshwater fish tank.

Breeding Fancy Guppies

One of the most popular posts here at funfishtank.com is on techniques and tips for Swordtail Breeding. I recently received some great information from another fish breeder who raises Fancy Guppies, and thought I'd share the pictures and procedure Jon uses for raising these awesome fish.

Here's his table of  aquariums to the left.

The technique used in Breeding Fancy Guppies is similar to that of breeding swordtails and Platies, but Jon uses a little different method to reduce the amount of fry eaten by the adult.

He's got four tanks:

  • a 2.5g raising tank, heavily planted and some java moss at one end.(gives then organic matter to nip at and also hiding places).
  • the 10g plant ONLY tank, that has a lottt of cover and driftwood.
  • a 5g tank that doubles as a Quarantine tank.
  • and a 20g Display tank.

To the right-below,  is a shot of his 2.5 gallon tank with about 40 guppy fry in it.

For breeding Fancy Guppies he does the following:

"The 20g is a mixed community tank, once the “loving” is done and the female/s are gravid (pregnant). I will pull the female once i can view the eyes of the fry and the gravid patch starts to get dark and place them in the 10g PLANT ONLY tank if there is only one female at that time.

If there are 2 i will put them in the 10g in a divided breeding trap with a open grid bottom. In this case the fry will fall through into the tank and away from the mother. I will also do this if I will be away for more then 24 hours and can’t check every 3-4 hours. I check the tank about 3-4 times a day (or every 4 hours). My daughter helps with this part lol. 🙂 This way you sometimes catch her in the act of giving birth (it’s a good lesson for the kids and also for Adults). The fry are free swimming as soon as they are born."

Below is a top-down view of the 2.5 gallon aquarium. Jon wrote, "This was originally a Betta divided tank. I started using 1/3 divided section for prego fish while keeping growing fry in the remaining 2/3. But the gap at the divider was too big and fry were passing it and getting eaten."

"The mother will not start to eat her fry till she is done giving birth (usually 2-3 hours) which falls right in with your “check-ins.”

"Once she has given birth, i take her out and place her in the 5g tank to relax b4 returning her to the 20g Display tank. I then net or syphone the fry from the 10g and place them in the 2.5g where they grow out….. i usually have a batch of fry every 2-3 weeks . I let the fry grow out to about 2 months in the 2.5g, and keep about 2-3 from each batch that have the best color and health and those lucky ones goes into my 20g Display tank and into my breed stock. The rest are given away to friends or sold cheap to local pet stores."

Thanks Jon...for the pictures and information on Breeding Fancy Guppies.