Sam’s Fish Tank

fish-tank-072006a.jpgThe 37 gal. fish tank is not alone. It has a friend. The 5 gal. aquarium is home to Sam, a betta (Siamese fighting fish). It's unclear if Sam is a male or female. So, Sam stands for Samuel or Samantha.

This small fish tank is perfect for a betta. Although, the poor fish wishes his fishkeeper would clean his tank, and add some environment. While water changes are done frequently, the gravel in this fish tank is due for a thorough cleaning. Caked with algae and other unmentionables, plans are being made to clean this fish tank soon. Sam's fishkeeper has already purchased a fake plastic plant he believes Sam will enjoy.

Sam was placed in his new fish tank home around 6 months ago, and has seemed to enjoy his stay so far. It's unknown how long this fish will stay around, but his fishkeeper will see to it that it's as long as possible. Do you have a betta? What's the type of fish tank you keep your betta in?