Starting and maintaining a fish tank is a fun hobby I began a few years ago. FunFishTank is a way to share, gain knowledge, and provide some information on the relaxing hobby of fishkeeping.

You can find pictures, and profiles of some of my favorite fish in the fish pictures gallery. I also talk about the aspects of fish tank setup, supplies, and maintenance.

Have you ever thought of stocking your fish in a custom fish tank. I have an odd fish tanks category where you can explore some pretty crazy aquariums.

I enjoy having live aquatic plants in my fish tank, and will be discussing that too.

Hope you enjoy the FunFishTank!

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  1. hey there i discovered your site by accident but i was very excited to find it! im just starting out with my first tank a 5 gal hand-me-down i was wondering if a neon tetra, ghost shrimp combo would be good? perhaps you could shed some light on the suject.

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