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I'm always looking for unique fish tanks, and really like the AquaVista 500 wall aquarium from AquaVista.

With many wall aquariums, you'll find inadequate filtration, and difficulty heating, cleaning, and maintaining the tank.  AquaVista solves that by including both an under gravel filter and a biological wet/dry filtration system.

The tank is also equipped with a lighting system that is bright and vibrant, and an air pump to keep your water oxygenated.

On the side of the AquaVista 500 is a programmable controller with keypad and lcd screen.  Heating levels are easily programmed in.

While all those necessary features make this one of the best designed wall aquariums out there, AquaVista added more value to this beautiful tank.

How would you like to have easily changeable backgrounds and interchangeable frames?  Well you can.  How cool is that!

Take a look at this video review of the AquaVista 500 wall aquarium, and then check out their other wall aquarium below; the Panoramic Wall Aquarium.

AquaVista also offers a Panoramic Wall Aquarium.

This fish tank would look great above a fireplace or couch!

Like the AquaVista 500, the Panoramic Wall Aquarium is full of the necessary features.  It includes a double filtration system, which is nice with the larger size, lighting, air pump, and heating controlled by the programmable controller.

But then AquaVista again adds more value with a carbon dioxide infusion system, which is perfect for helping maintain live aquarium plants.

Also included is an automatic fish feeder!

Available in 5 or 6 feet lengths, the AquaVista Panoramic Wall Aquarium is a great conversation piece.

I'm pretty impressed with what AquaVista has done.  It's not surprising they have over eight patents out, issued or pending, for their designs.

Click here for a few reviews, pricing, and more specs on the AquaVista 500.

Click here for more info, price and specs on the AquaVista Panoramic Wall Aquarium.

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  1. hello i have a aqua vista 500 and its not working and i want to replace it.Can i purchase one from you and how much .
    thankyou Nathan 0410609004

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