Kuhli Loach

The Kuhli Loach comes from flowing rivers located in such spots as Thailand, Borneo, and Sumatra. The hardy fish in this picture by Kasia thrives in the small community, or semi-aggressive fish tank.


The Kuhli Loach (pronounced "coolie" ) is a scavenger that swims and plays at the bottom of the aquarium. You'll notice in the picture of this fish that it has no scales. The Kuhli Loach prefers fine sand or smooth gravel. It spends much of it's time slithering around rocks and through the substrate in search of food. Don't be surprised to find this fish burrowing into the gravel. A member of the Cobitidae family, it's generally nocturnal, and most active at night. Other aspects of the Kuhli Loach include:

  • A peaceful, shy fish
  • pH: is best between 5.9 - 6.5 for the Kuhli Loach
  • Grows to around 3 - 4 inches
  • Prefers 78 - 86 F degree water
  • Not a schooling fish, but prefers company of others

A member of the genus Pangio, this fish is great for the beginning aquarium owner. With proper care, the Kuhli Loach can survive a number of years. Feed the Kuhli carnivorous foods. They also enjoy having freeze-dried bloodworms, and tubifex in their diet.

If you're looking for a fish that is a little different, the Kuhli Loach, and it's eel-shaped body is a fun fish to have. The freshwater fish compatibility chart can give you a good idea of tank mates for the Kuhli Loach.

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  1. Hi Christie,

    I’m glad you like the fish pics. I’m planning on adding many more as I get time. The Kuhli loach sure is cute. I also like the yoyo loaches. They hide and peak at you around rocks and corners, when they’re not enjoying swimming together. They act like little dogs.


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