How to choose a Pet Fish Name

I've never really thought about naming the fish in my freshwater tank, but decided I would when I bought my first Betta. I mean they really are a different type of pet. Fish don't come when you call them by name like dogs do. I've found it does give fish some personality though.

Near the end of the post I'll show you how to pick a pet fish name for your new friend.


My first Betta, I named Sam because I wasn't sure if the fish was a male or female Betta. The next fish I gave a name to was Pat (the Crowntail Betta to the right). I made it to the pet store recently and picked up another fish for the second hanging wall tank. He's to the left above.

Now it's decision time. The first two names I gave my pet fish are fairly common names for a boy or girl. This time I'd like something cool. Like Nemo. Now there's a cool name for a boy fish. I could try naming him something funny too. I feel like I'm playing that game... name that fish! I'd like a name that's more unique than popular for the fish though.

Ok. How do you pick a pet fish name? I want to point out that my pet is a fish, so the name should have something to do with water or fish. I pulled up the handy thesaurus and looked up... water. A few names popped out at me. Aqua and bubble. One of those could be the first part.

How about a boy fish name? Bill, Bob, Jake, Henry. Those are all good fish names for a boy fish, but I want something unique.

Lets combine Bubble and Bob to get Bubblebob. That's funny. How about Aquabob? That's a cool name. This Betta has an attitude. I chose the fish name Aquabob for my new pet. Let's hope he likes it. Choosing a name for your fish can be fun. Just pull out the thesaurus and choose names that are similar to something about your pet. Do you like the name I chose?

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  1. Thanks for popping by, it’s given me the chance to discover your site, which by the way is fantastic, i shall be popping over regularly.
    Anyway Aquabob is a cool name for your betta, and of the fish i have only three have names my severum is called Seve Ballesteros, my flowerhorn is called Petal and my Sajica pair are called Mr+Mrs T.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Hey. Thanks for checking out my site. Fun way too combine a couple of hobbies. Like your use of names. T for the T-Bar cichlids. I’ve never tried cichlids. Will have to give it a whirl one of these days.


  3. Haha! That’s awesome. I didn’t do anything like that, but I’d like to think that my betta has a semi-unique name. His name is Icabod!

  4. The way you make up names is really cool! I like the name BuubleBob. I have 2 female bettas. I called one Marina and Lilly. They r both really cool,like Lilly because she does a little happy dance when i come over and Marina cause she can jump 10cm into the air! I was thinking on what names u could think of for my fish.

    Do u like the name Raplish or Rapalishus?

  5. Hey Liv-o!

    You do a great job at pickin’ names. They mean something to you. I wudda never come up with Rapalishus… Like it!

  6. I just bought a new betta and wanted a unique name for it now that I found your site I am going to choose a cool name AquaBob is kind of funny

  7. I have a fish named Gillagin, after my friends fish who’s names is Finnagin. I’m going to get another but I’m out of ideas for a name. This site is helpful. I think I’ll go look in the thesaurus! =D
    I’m thinking of calling her Algea. Not very unqique but that doesn’t matter right now… Aquabob’s a weird name but I like it. =P

  8. hey I am a 11 year old girl and I just my own fish at a Walmart supercenter .I named my fish Naturally Sadie becuase that is one of the shows that I love to watch and the girls name in the show is Sadie I am not sure how to tell if a fish is a boy or a girl if you have any tips for me can you please send them? cool name for your fish !

  9. Hi Cally,

    Good luck with the new fish. I like the name Sadie.

    As for figuring out if a fish is male or female.. it often depends on the type of fish. Usually one of the fins is shaped different.


  10. I had a 1 year old Betta named Patriot, who recently died. I currently have Blossom, my female Betta. She is a very young blue-purple Betta i recently purchased. So i think the name fits.

  11. Hey, i just got a male beta fish yesterday and im stummped for a name. at the moment we just call him beta. any name suggestions?

  12. For our goldfish, I pretty much thought of names from the top of my head.

    + I named the silver goldfish Termite [because silverfish are super nasty-looking].
    + Spot is covered in spots
    + Raccoon has a black ‘mask’
    + Lefty is missing his right fin
    + Niki Jr. is my dog’s personal fish, so we named it after him
    + Nippy keeps nipping at our ghost shrimp
    + Anchor nearly always sits at the bottom of the tank, except at feeding time

    I also named our 2 swordtails, Wiatt and Phoebe, after characters on the TV show “Charmed”

    The shrimp we named after spring-related things [Breeze, Dewdrop, Rosebud, Flower Pedal, and Sky]

  13. Hi there Emikah…

    I love your names! You really took some time thinking about them.

    My fav has gotta be “Lefty”.


  14. Chelsea,

    How can you name a fish you haven’t seen yet? Write down the first three you think of, and then choose your favorite.

  15. Dear Cally

    Im turning 11 this year.I love the name sadie. Many people ask the same question ? This is the answer for siamese fighting fish: Most Males Have long Fins and are much prettier then the females. Females are less prettier,they are also smaller than the males and they have short fins. It also depends on what sort of breed it is you can research that. I hope that helps a bit

    Xox Alix

  16. i got a pet fish yesturday at my cousins wedding reception. they had betas on the tables and told people to take them so my mom let me. i was so happy. i named it sam. i just gave it that name because it poped into my head. then today i wondered if it was a boy or a girl. so i did research and it turned out to be a boy. today my mom took me to get him a bigger bowl and some marbles and a little scene thing he can go through. it was fun i think he likes it. he is red top layer colored and his bottom color is purpleish-blue. really handsom.

  17. hey!!

    I own 2 fighting fish…

    One is red and named Freddy. (don’t know why-cute name)

    And I don’t know what to name the other one….

    He is really mischievious and feisty/active.

    Can you help me?

  18. how do these sound:

    Dancing Imp

    Ocean Dancer

    Dancing Rascal

    Bubble Dancer

    Sky Dancer

    Dancing Mischief

  19. Very cute way of coming up with the names I have a random question for you if I may where did you get your wall hanging tanks these are way too cool looking I would love to look at getting one myself with my fishing keep habits I am slowly starting to run out of tank space. Also how big is it, it look about 1 or 2 gallons.

  20. Sarah,
    I’ve just started a sister site where funfishtank readers can access fish supplies at discounted auction prices. You asked, so you get a sneak peek. Here’s a section offering the betta bowl hanging tank.


    Gizmo is a great name. I bet you can come up with another name. Name it something related to food… like Pepperoni, or your favorite color.. I once had a blue Gourami I simply called “Blue”. Keep thinking 🙂

  21. i have a pet fish that i just bought and i don’t know what to name it. it is orange in the middle,white on the bottom and it has a black spot on the top.he really wants to get out of it tank, i don’t know if it is a boy or girl so any name will help me

  22. i have a Betta and my sister got a goldfish and when the Betta see the goldfish it start to fight. but the died
    i just got new goldfishes today i want to know if it is a girl and a boy i will be happy if it is

  23. hey i got 3 new fish because my other one died recently i dont know what to call them got any ideas?

  24. I just got 4 new fish, 3 of the fish are named Marco, Polo and Einstein. the fourth one is speckled a red-orangeish color. it has a white face. I have no clue what to name it. Any one have any suggestions?

  25. i just got a red male beta fish today and have no idea what to name it i have thought of these names:


    which is your favourite?
    he is really calm and well-tempered. and he is quite small compared to my other beta, Smudge.

  26. umm . preetyy sick namess..
    mr. wiggles worth

    heck yesss.. pretty sick if you want a different namee.. lol
    thats why mine is quazymoto

  27. HEY
    about you naming your bettas , i should be getting two bettas soon and i am thinking of naming them hatton and calzaghe as they are my fave boxers and they are fighters like bettas lol so yh bye now xxxxx

  28. Hi, my rat cleo is unfortunatly on her death bed and i decided i want a pet that will be simple and easy so im going to get a couple of fish 😀 im not sure which kind i want yet but i was wondering. are remmy and shylo good names?

  29. just bought a betta today 🙂 i named her penny lane. the two i had before were named barbie & tallulah

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