How to choose a Pet Fish Name

I've never really thought about naming the fish in my freshwater tank, but decided I would when I bought my first Betta. I mean they really are a different type of pet. Fish don't come when you call them by name like dogs do. I've found it does give fish some personality though.

Near the end of the post I'll show you how to pick a pet fish name for your new friend.


My first Betta, I named Sam because I wasn't sure if the fish was a male or female Betta. The next fish I gave a name to was Pat (the Crowntail Betta to the right). I made it to the pet store recently and picked up another fish for the second hanging wall tank. He's to the left above.

Now it's decision time. The first two names I gave my pet fish are fairly common names for a boy or girl. This time I'd like something cool. Like Nemo. Now there's a cool name for a boy fish. I could try naming him something funny too. I feel like I'm playing that game... name that fish! I'd like a name that's more unique than popular for the fish though.

Ok. How do you pick a pet fish name? I want to point out that my pet is a fish, so the name should have something to do with water or fish. I pulled up the handy thesaurus and looked up... water. A few names popped out at me. Aqua and bubble. One of those could be the first part.

How about a boy fish name? Bill, Bob, Jake, Henry. Those are all good fish names for a boy fish, but I want something unique.

Lets combine Bubble and Bob to get Bubblebob. That's funny. How about Aquabob? That's a cool name. This Betta has an attitude. I chose the fish name Aquabob for my new pet. Let's hope he likes it. Choosing a name for your fish can be fun. Just pull out the thesaurus and choose names that are similar to something about your pet. Do you like the name I chose?

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  1. i just got a betta fish and idk what to name him! he is blue and green and obviously he is a boy. he is really calm most of the time. so can you help?

  2. hey XD
    im really glad i found your site. i just bought my first betta and i was seriously struggling with a name. my bf wanted to call it dooey! but i dont like it. anyway i did what you said to do and i looked in the thesaurus. my fish is a beautiful blue one and so i typed in beautiful and chose my favorite word which was FOXY then i looked up blue and i got SAPHIRE. when i put them together i got FOXYPHIRE. i also got the words DAZZLING from beautiful and INDIGO from blue and put to gether it makes DAZZINDI.
    so i guess i need your help to chose which one is a better betta name DOXYPHIRE or DAZZINDI???

  3. I just got two orandas.I think ones female cause it’s smaller than the second one I just bought the names hubba and bubba came to mind LOL it combines to hubba-bubba*thank you captain obvious…*Although when I talk to them,I just call them fishies XP.I’ve also got a 4 year old fan tail who’s name I seem to change constantly.And a betta whom I’ve named shela*it’s female*I struggle when it comes up to naming new pets period.

  4. I’m sure I can come up with something better,instead of naming them after a gum that’s been around for ages.

  5. I just got some fish i have named three but am stuck on naming a blue and red male siemise fighter what are some goodnames

  6. I named my betta Vincent Van Gogh because he is the exact color of the sky in Van Gogh’s Starry Night. But he goes by Vinny. He’s my dutch lover boy! I’ve had him for a year and a half! Goodluck with your babies!

  7. Hey, nice tips
    I am planning to get one near May when there is warmer weather and i just heppened to see this site on Google.
    I thought of some names which 1 do you like?
    Skip- if it’s a good jumper
    which 1? I will get a male

  8. I’m not sure if my other comment was posted so i’m re-writing it.
    I am planning to get a Betta for the first time (In May warmer weather) and i’m not sure which name is best what do you like
    Patriot,Aero,Skip,Soda, Or Sodapop. Help Thanks-Ante

  9. Ipurchased bettas fish last yr and we love towatch him play andhe love to watch me in the kitchen cooking my food and he died last week on april 28th 2010 and we were sad andgave him a funeral.

  10. My Crowntail is named Ghost, not so original but his body is a mixture of purple, blue and white. His tail is white with blue splots here and there. So I found it to be a little fitting and cooler then something to do with frost.

    But my two old bettas that I got from breeding were named Castor and Pollux, after the Gemini constellation.

  11. i got a new betta fish and i decided to name it tzena or cherry becaause its a girl and its a pinkish red its sooo cute lol!!!

  12. hello i got a betta fish he is pink and i named him boots because he has dorra in his tank ……i scared the wateris to cold for him but the lady at the pet store told me tht i could put a light on and when i go go to bed to turn it off…..but boots seems very unhappy he stays at the bottum of his bowl all the time……….wht should i do ???

  13. heyyy that’s funny it reminds me of my betta sparky
    he is a crowntail or was but he sadly died
    he was so pretty a boy oh and the way to tell
    If it’s a boy or girl is to see how long it’s fins r well bye and thanx agin for the names it is funny though write back later 😉 .

  14. I love that name I just got some siamese fighters their names are Nina and Sid not very funny but they really soot them 🙂

  15. Hi again just 2 tell u Sid’s a crowntail male and Nina’s just a plane old Siamese Female Sid loves annoying and chasing Nina I hope he’s not too agressive please email me if it sounds like he is 😉

  16. I just got a beautiful CrownTail Betta, I named him Hermes because he reminded me of a greek god. Just his coloring and tail just made me think of the gods.

  17. I just got a boy Crowntail Betta Fish, I need a name for it before my daughter gets home. Please help me!!!!!

  18. i just got a dwarf cat fish and i named it tete cuz in spanish dat means pacifier and its always sucking on sumthing

  19. hi Fish Tank! thx i still cant decide, but i am thinking about popsle or eeko it is kind of hard cuz this is my 1st Betta she is a Crowntail and she is white can you help me think of a name? thx

  20. my dad bought me a Crowntail Betta Fish and im trying to come up with names i havent looked in the thesaurus because i don’t have one…but im thinking of naming him floaty because when he swims it looks like he is floating or majestic because his face is blackish and his body is royal blue? any other ideas?? thank you 🙂

  21. I’m thinking of getting ghost shrimp so if there are any tanks for good prices that would be great to know. Merry Christmas ppl. Or if u find any good tank decorations.

  22. Today i got a girl betta and its hiper its blue and green with orange tipped tail and fins what are some cute names for it? please please please emailme back soon


  23. Urg! Me and my brother Owen (6 yrs.) want to buy a betta. He wants to name it Owen, and I try coming up with more creative names for him to pick from but it doesn’t work! Any funnny and cute names for me to run past him?

  24. i got two new fish,a cichlid and a suckerfish.i named my cichlid flash but dont know what to name the suckerfish.any ideas?


    do those sound like good names?

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