Gold Gourami

On the hunt for fish flakes, this beautiful Gold Gourami glides through the fish tank with ease. On the prowl! Taken by littleme3333, this fish is a colorful example of Trichogaster trichopterus, or the Gold Gourami.


A color variation of the Blue Gourami, the Gold Gourami is a peaceful fish and a fun fish to have in your tank. The Gourami loves brine shrimp, and will turn their nose up at fish flakes once they've acquired a taste for that delicacy.

Generally semi-aggressive, this fish has a few characteristics to keep in mind when you're thinking of adding it to your stock of fish:

  • Minimum tank size: 20 gallons
  • Easy to care for
  • Adults can reach up to 6"
  • The Gold Gourami is a Labyrinth fish which breathes air from the surface

To distinguish the male from female Gold Gourami, look for a long, pointed dorsal fin in the male. The female's fin is shorter and a little more round.

The male Gold Gourami is a 'show off' when it's breeding time. He'll swim in front of the female, puffing up his fins and tail to impress her. The male will build a bubblenest for the eggs, and keep guard over them until hatched. The female Gold Gourami should actually be removed at this time, as the male could attack her if he felt the eggs were being threatened.

Generally, the Gold Gourami is a peaceful fish that bides it's time swimming through the aquarium. Occasionally known to chase a tiger barb or two, this fish is a nice addition to the semi-aggressive fish tank.

Can you guess the sex of this Gold Gourami?

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  1. i have a femail gold gourami in my normal tank right now and i am getting a male soon.I wanted to reproduce them and i need some info on what to do can you tell me.

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