Chocolate Gourami

Probably not as edible as a chocolate bar, this great freshwater fish picture by KooshKing is an excellent example of the Chocolate Gourami. An omnivore, the Chocolate Gourami is searching for the next taste of brine shrimp, bloodworms, or tubifex worms.


The Chocolate Gourami, unlike some of his fellow Gouramis, takes a little more care to keep happy. Keeping the water quality clear of ammonia, nitrite, and other deadly enemies is important for the health of your fish. Cloudy fish tank water just won't cut it with the Chocolate Gourami. This colorful fish is a little more vulnerable to bacteria and parasites that attack the skin. Still, this Gourami is a peaceful fish that would do well in the right fish tank with an experienced fishkeeper . Some things to consider about the Chocolate Gourami:

  • Minimum tank size: 30 gallons
  • Adults can reach about 2 1/2"
  • Tank conditions most suitable include 75-85°F, pH 6.0-7.0
  • Best kept in pairs with a well planted tank: Java fern or Vallisneria spiralis are two choices that provide cover

The Chocolate Gourami is also a mouthbrooder. A mouthbrooder will hold their offspring in the mouth for extended periods of time. In the case of the Chocolate Gourami, the female may hold eggs in her mouth for two weeks without eating. Breeding is a very delicate process with this fish. Water quality and diet are important.

A rewarding fish to watch and care for, the Chocolate Gourami would do well with other peaceful fish such as Guppies, Danios, or Minnows

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  1. awwwww. hes so cute. i dont know much about fish but ther one of my fave animals. i love your web site you got some wicked stuff. im buying the fish bowl coffe table.anyway LOVE YOUR SITE!!!

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