Hanging Betta Fish Tank | Installation

Yesterday, the Hanging Betta bowl was installed. This fish tank wasfish-tank-072406a1.jpg fairly easy to hang on the wall. The hanging fish tank came with a screw and the tank, and that's it.

This fish tank is obviously not as elaborate as this aquarium. It is perfect for me though. I can now turn to my left and see my new Crowntail Betta. The scientific name of this fish is Betta Splendens. He or she is red. The red-colored variety weren't as popular for some reason at the fish store I picked Pat up at. I havn't determined the sex of the fish yet, so Pat will have to do.

I'd like to note that you can hang this Betta fish tank in drywall directly. The screw was made for that.  The weight limit was listed at 20 pounds.
I had some green gravel from the previous freshwater aquarium setup, so it was washed thoroughly and used. I had a fake plant, but it was too large. This fish tank needs some environment, so I'll need to make a trip to Petco.

There was a silver cap included that would cover the screw and make it look nicer. I decided to leave it off. It looks fine as you can see from the pictures. A row of 3 of these fish-tank-072406a2.jpghanging fish tanks would be fun. I don't have the wall space for it though. For now, the Crowntail Betta is just right.

Do you have a special fish tank for your Betta, freshwater, or saltwater fish?

A fish tank doesn't just have to sit on an aquarium stand. This hanging fish tank for Bettas shows that.

2 thoughts on “Hanging Betta Fish Tank | Installation”

  1. It’s an interesting display and very unique. It looks very difficult to clean and impossible to heat though. Have you found it difficult to maintain?

    By the way, it’s a male you have. Male and female Betta splendens are for the most part distinctively different. Only males have the long flowy fins. The females fins are quite short. I can tell from the photo that it’s a male you have.

  2. Nippyfish…

    I haven’t cleaned it yet. It should be fairly easy, and I’ll post when I do. I’m just going to siphon the water out for water changes and the tank easily comes off the wall for cleaning the gravel.

    Well now I know the fish is Patrick. Thanks!

    As for heat. There’s a heater a few feet below that will keep the tank plenty warm. You wouldn’t really be able to place a tank heater in it, so I wouldn’t place any fish in that need a calibrated environment.

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