Fish Tank Supply | Fish Net

fish-supply-fish-net.jpgAnother aquatic supply you'll need for your fish tank is a fish net. I'd actually advise getting a couple of fish nets for your aquarium. Personally, I have two nets.

If you only buy one fish net, you may find yourself in a couple of situations. Let's say you need to corral a fish that is too big, but the fish net you have is too small. Or, you may face having a hole that's too small to put a large fish net through.

By getting a minimum of two, and possibly three fish nets in your arsenal of fish supplies, you avoid these situations. Nets are relatively inexpensive. You sure don't want to bring your live fish home from the fish store and find you can't get him in his new dwelling, because the net won't fit.

The size of your fish tank and how many tanks you have, will determine the sizes of fish nets you purchase. If the 2" fish you buy is capable of growing to 8" or longer, you better add a big fish net to your supply of fish-keeping equipment too!

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